onsdag 21 januari 2009

More awards...

I've been lucky enough to recieve even more awards from people all over the world and I'm truly really happy about each and every one of them!!!
I got this one from Carin ♥ and Hege-Annie

And from sweet Kristine ♥ and Hege-Annie ♥ (again :) I got this gorgeous award!
And I've also got it from Cathrine ♥ ! Thank you so very much...

And this one I got from Joanne!! ♥

And last but not least I've gotten this award again of Lotta!
THANK YOU so very, very much again!!! ♥♥♥♥

And then there's the part when I should pass these on. It's not an easy thing because there's so many out there which blogs I read and get inspired by each and every day.
So first of all I give all the awards right back to you who gave them to me... And then to all of you who visits my blog! And to all blogs that I visit each day!!!

I'm sorry I'm not more precise in my choices but it just feels impossible!


2 kommentarer:

Joanie sa...

you deserve these awards, your cards are beautiful!

petra/paradise sa...

jah..det är inte så underligt att du får en massa awards..så duktig å supergullig som du är!!! *blink* ;)
Kramisar Petra