söndag 31 maj 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To all the mother's out there! Today we celebrate Mother's day here in Sweden and DD woke me up with breakfast in bed (containing a cup of coffee, since I'm on a VLCD right now) and a gift, I got myself a WasserMaxx sodastreamer so I can make my own carbonated water!!! That was my number one on the wishlist right now, because now that I'm on the diet, I must drink three litres of water, and I really don't like water without bubbles!!

And it looks so cool as well! Check it out!

So I hope you all have a really nice day today!

fredag 29 maj 2009

I won!!!!

Yes, there was a competition at pyssel.net, a swedish MB. You were supposed to make a layout or card with a marine theme and I chose to make a layout with some pics of Jessica in the pool, when we were in Hainan. This is how the winning layout looks like :) *happy*

torsdag 28 maj 2009

Another Guest DT assignment!

This time it's for the sketch blog Little Shop of Sketches! I was asked if I wanted to guest design by on of the designers there, Monique! I got a sketch to work after and I chose to scrap some photos that I got from Malin! Had a lot of fun when I was doing it!

A great sketch to work with!
And here's the layout!

tisdag 26 maj 2009

I got a mail...

from sweet Emma a couple of days ago! Emma has just recently opened up her new web shop, Scraplagret! In the mail I got, she asked me if I would like to Guest design for her, and I was thrilled to be asked so of course I accepted!!! It's such a sweet shop and she's got wonderful things in it, so it's definately worth a visit!
Now I'm patiently waiting for my package to arrive, so I can see what goodies she's sending me, and to start creating with it!!!
Other than that, nothing much has happened here... Well I did make a Mother's day card today, last second as always, but I thought I would have one more day to make it, but it turned out I have to go to Stockholm tomorrow to a seminar and won't be home until late evening, so I HAD to make the card this evening, but now it's done and I'll try to take some pics of it tomorrow before I send it!
Now I'm going to watch Desperate Housewifes, and I guess the phone will be quiet tonight as well!

måndag 25 maj 2009

I won't send this one in...

to the competition! So I might just as well show it here! This is the layout I made last friday at Malins, although I think something is missing on it, but I just can't think of what it might be!

söndag 24 maj 2009


I have a card to show today.... Still haven't decided on wich layout to send in to the competition so I can't show you yet...
But this is the card I made at Malins the other day. A small RAK card that is handy to have lying around in case I'm sending one!

lördag 23 maj 2009

Nothing done today!

I've just taken it easy and relaxing! Do I enjoy those day, you bet I do!!! :)
So yesterday I went home to Malin, between 10 and 16 I had made ONE layout, and that wasn't quiet finished either... Then I made a card as well, but that just took me about an hour or so! But I am the slowest scrapper ever... They layout might be for a competition, I havn't made up my mind yet if I think it's good enough or not, but I'll show it to you as soon as I can!

But I can show you a card I made for ScrapAddicted! I made the envelope card that I've made a couple of times before. And this one looks like this!

This time I used the stamps: Fjäril liten, Fjäril medium, Fjäril stor, Swirl och Det är din dag.

torsdag 21 maj 2009

Time for a crop!!

A small crop, but still.... Have the day off work tomorrow, so I'm going home to Malin, who also have the day off, and we're going to scrap all day long!

Almost every night for the last week or so, I've been cyber-cropping with some other girls, it's so much fun. We are on the MSN, and give each other challenges and tips on different competitions out there and we're just having a BLAST!!! I've actually made some things as well, but since it's for competitions and guest DT work I just can't show it yet! But it'll come.

But I CAN show you this card I made for Scrapaddicted!

The stamp I've used are: Swirl, Äppelblom och Det är din dag.

Thanks for stopping by and you're comments are really appriciated ♥♥♥

tisdag 19 maj 2009

Made another card...

for Scrapaddicted! This time I used the stamps, Carpe Diem, Fjäril liten and Fjäril mellan.

I have made some layouts as well, but one is for a guest-designer spot and the other one for a competition so I can't show them just yet!

måndag 18 maj 2009


This is what I call a GRAND PRIZE!!! And if you pop over to the 2S4Y blog you get all the information you'll need of how to have a chance to win this!!! Unfortunately I can't participate, since I'm a former DT-member, BUT I'll still have fun since I'm one of the judges :D

lördag 16 maj 2009

Just a quick update...

while I'm waiting for the voting to start in Eurovision Song Contest!

Some cards I've done lately!

My 20 minute card that I was challenged to do,
the challenge was that I should make it in 15, but
that was impossible :)

fredag 15 maj 2009

Still Friday ;)

It seems to work to update the blog just fine from Microsoft word so now I thought that I would try to include a pic in the post as well! So here we go!

And I found a layout that I did about 5 months ago and I haven't shown yet, since it's not one that I really like :)

Finally Friday…

And it's a quiet day at work! The office is empty except Jennie and me! So there's time to slack a bit ;)

There won't be much in this post; I'm just testing how it works to update the blog from Microsoft Word.

Found this new function when I was looking around. But I'll try to post some pics tonight when I come home!

Have a nice day!

torsdag 14 maj 2009

Here are the layouts...

that I made for Liza in the swap I'm in! And these are also the layouts that I won the challenges with this passed Saturday on the crop!

onsdag 13 maj 2009

Unusual colors..

for me to create with are purple and turquoise, never ever do I make something with purple because I just can't make it look good! But the challenge this month at Ett trykk is to make a card in purple and turquoise! Do I have to say that I struggled with this one ;)

tisdag 12 maj 2009

Going on vacation...

... but unfortunately not until 28th of November!! But we're going to stay one week in Miami in this hotel...

This will be the view from our room!

And then we're going on a one week cruise in the Caribbean!!!

We're going to be living in a suite just like this one...

First stop on the cruise will be Labadee - Haiti

Then it's Ocho Rios - Jamaica

After that comes George Town - Grand Cayman

And the last stop will be in Cozumel - Mexico!

Do I have to say that I long for November to come ;)