söndag 31 maj 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To all the mother's out there! Today we celebrate Mother's day here in Sweden and DD woke me up with breakfast in bed (containing a cup of coffee, since I'm on a VLCD right now) and a gift, I got myself a WasserMaxx sodastreamer so I can make my own carbonated water!!! That was my number one on the wishlist right now, because now that I'm on the diet, I must drink three litres of water, and I really don't like water without bubbles!!

And it looks so cool as well! Check it out!

So I hope you all have a really nice day today!

4 kommentarer:

Tettiz sa...

That's a nice gift!! :D

My husband didn't even remember that it's Mother's Day, even though I reminded him a couple of days ago, so I've not been celebrated at all today... Well, well, I think I'll survive - I got to go to a crop yesterday, and that is a present for sure!!! :D


Alien Bling sa...

sodastream är verkligen superbra! U och jag köpte en förra året och den har fått arbeta, vi sparar in massor med pengar genom att inte köpa läsk och det är dessutom mer hälsosamt att dricka bubbelvatten (med saft för våran del).
Din är dock bra mycket snyggare än våran! ;D

Treesa Y sa...

oh how sweet lucky you and that pressie looks awesome!

jacque4u2c sa...