onsdag 28 januari 2009

I've been challenged...

by Cathrine and Ida...

- Go to "my pictures" on your computer

- Then go to the 6th folder

- Take picture number 6

- Show the picture in your blog, and write something about it.

- Pick out 6 new persons, link to them and let them now they've been challenged!

That's it!! :o)

The picture I found at that place on my computer is from the x-mas dinner with work in 2007. Nothing special at all! Sorry 'bout that ;o)

So for the six persons I want to send this challenge to, now let's see....

Malin, Tettiz, Zarah, Kristine, Lillblomman and Joanne!

5 kommentarer:

Cathrines-creative sa...

Tusen takk for tipset. Snill du er:-)
Sitter å beundrer kortene dine, du er utrolig flink, med farger og andre detaljer... her kommer jeg til å følge med...

Kristine sa...

Tusen takk;)
JEg har gjort denne challengen for noen dager siden. Du kan se den på min blogg!
Tusen takk;)
Klemmer fra Kristine

Zarah sa...

*hihi* Kul! :D

jazsutra sa...

beautiful work in your blog Ewonne ;) Thx for cumin by my blog ;)

Tettiz sa...


Jag har antagit utmaningen, så ett galet foto ligger uppe i min blogg nu. ;)