lördag 6 juni 2009

Today I'm cranky!

because I'm on the Cambridge diet and the weekends are the worst!! If you haven't heard about it, just Google on it if your curious! Anyway, I'm drinking three shakes a day and then 3 litres of water, and that's it!
The reason I've chosen this method to loose some waight is because it's a fast way of loosing it. Then I must change the way I eat as well, otherwise I'll just gain it again...
So that's why I'm a bit moody today! I would like to eat what the rest of the not so supportive family eats! But.... It's not worth it! They'll just have to deal with my temper a bit longer!

And to another thing!
I'm one of the judges in the big card competition at 2s4y, and I've spent a great deal of the evening trying to narrow down all of the amazing creations to just 30!!! That has been a tough job but I think I finally made it ;)

Well that's it for me... Heading to my bed now!
See you later!

4 kommentarer:

jacque4u2c sa...

HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Julie sa...

Good luck with the diet. It will be worth it.

It really must be a tough job with the 2S4U cards. When I popped mine up there was nearly 300 enteries.

Linda - www.knorrigt.com sa...

Kan tänka mig vilket jobb du har haft, jösses så många fina kort det fanns! Själv blev jag klar med mitt runt 23 igår kväll, men jag hann i alla fall. :)


Anonym sa...

Jag vet hur det känns gumman =) är inne på min åttonde vecka, hur långt har du gjort? Precis som du säger så är helgerna värst =S men det är bara att bita i läppen å tänka på att det blir så fantastiskt bra resultat utan mat.

Kram Catarina