söndag 19 april 2009

Went to a crop....

yesterday and I managed to get TWO cards done! Well let's face it, I'm one of the slowest crafters in the world :) I had a great time anyway! I can only show you one of the cards today since the other one is for a contest!

This is the card that DH got today, because today we celebrate our 9 year anniversery! We've been together for 9 whole years, I can hardly believe it, the time has gone so fast... I got some beautiful roses of him! Red and yellow ones ♥♥♥

Well here's the card!

Inside of the card, I'm not showing the side I've written to him! ♥
And the back!

And now me and Janne are going to eat some Greek food!!!

9 kommentarer:

Willea sa...

Åh, så makalöst vackert!! Grattis på er 9-års dag :)

Tettiz sa...

Bjuuuutiful! :D

Du är verkligen min kortmakardrottning - så SJUKT snygga grejer som du gör och du får vara HUR jäkla långsam du vill, för jag är så GALET imponerad av allt du gör!!!

Kram påre smulan!!
♥ ♥

Pia sa...

Wow Ewonne , hvor er det super fantastisk flot, super lækre farver

LillBlomman sa...

Grattis tll 9 år!! Vilket vackert och lyxigt kort! han blev väl jätteglad! Kramen!

papirdilla sa...

Nydelig kort! Det tekststemplet liker jeg veldig godt. Og fargene..:-)

Sandra1968 sa...

Wow, what a great card! And congrats to your 9th anniversary :-)

catz sa...

Love, love the card, and congrats on nine years!!

Paulien van den Bosch sa...


Happy (belated) anniversary!!!!!!!

I bet he just loved this card, cause it truly is a beautiful one!!!!!

Helen Dooley sa...

Beautiful card! Happy belated Anniversary. We we wed in 2000 also.