tisdag 21 april 2009

Sounds of the universe...

Depeche Mode's new album am I listening to right now! I love it although I must admit that I don't think it's their best album! But I've found my favorite songs and I'm pretty sure the record is going to be played A LOT here ;)

Today I've been on education all day in Stockholm and my head is pretty heavy right now, so it's going to be an early night tonight!

And I've been awarded by Hanne, Ida and Lisa, and I will forward them as soon as I have the time to think about who the heck I'm going to give them to!!! But thank you so much ladies, they're very appriciated ♥

Well now I have to finish my last project for 2 sketches 4 you *sad*

1 kommentar:

papirdilla sa...

Hei. Jeg har gitt deg en award. Ser at du har fått den av noen andre allerede. Du har fortjent den allikevel:-)