fredag 30 januari 2009

Sometimes it don't work out as planned!

Started out to do a card after the sketch at Sukkersött this week, but it ended up in a completely different way so I will not compete with it :o)

onsdag 28 januari 2009

I've been challenged...

by Cathrine and Ida...

- Go to "my pictures" on your computer

- Then go to the 6th folder

- Take picture number 6

- Show the picture in your blog, and write something about it.

- Pick out 6 new persons, link to them and let them now they've been challenged!

That's it!! :o)

The picture I found at that place on my computer is from the x-mas dinner with work in 2007. Nothing special at all! Sorry 'bout that ;o)

So for the six persons I want to send this challenge to, now let's see....

Malin, Tettiz, Zarah, Kristine, Lillblomman and Joanne!

Inkido card.

Made another card for Inkido, this is how it turned out!

Bonus sketch!

This week it's Rae who made the bonus sketch at 2S4Y. This is my interpretation of it!

tisdag 27 januari 2009

Expect miracles...

does my card say...

New sketch at 2S4Y, Laura's sketch 18... Sorry for the bad pics, but the light isn't the best here...

måndag 26 januari 2009

A magical day...

is the title of my layout... It's Janne (DH) in Central Park NY last october on the pic!

I made this for a challenge on ScrappeMania.
A liiiiiittle more colors on this than I usually have, but I think it's hard - I must admit...



and time for a new sketch at Kortskissen!!! This is my card but go in there to see the sketch and the other girls beautiful cards!!!



to the girl who left comment.......

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-01-26 08:42:58 UTC

I checked who it was and the winner of the blogcandy is....

Hege-Annie Simonsen sa....
Jeg trodde jeg hadde lagt inn en kommentar her i går, da jeg la ut et
innlegg i bloggen min om candyen din. Hmm... Ja, NÅ har jeg iallafall gjort det! ;)

Flott candy!! God helg! :)

den 16 januari 2009 10:52:00 CET

Congrats to you and email me your adress so I can send you the goodies!!!

söndag 25 januari 2009

So here's my wall thingy...

What would you call this??? Well until I know let's just call it the thingy... :o)

And the card I made yesterday won't be up until tomorrow, since it's for kortskissen...
The layout is not finished yet so that will take a couple of days before I can show that one!

lördag 24 januari 2009

Been to a crop...

today. A day full of talented and supersweet girls ♥♥♥ I've had a blast and I got to meet Malin for the first time and she's a doll ♥♥
During the crop, I made one card and a thingy that I can put on the wall, don't know what I shall call it, but I'll take a pic of it tomorrow and put it here for you all to see... And I started on a layout, but that's not finished yet so I think I'll continue on it tomorrow!

On my way home, it's about 50 miles to drive, I almost drove into a flock of deers. They ran up on the road just in front of my car and I was about 4 inches from one of them before my car stopped and then I had three deers to the left of the car an two on the right side of the car. Guess if my heart was beating after that??? Luckily the weather isn't to good to day, so I wasn't speeding like I usually do, because then it might have been a different outcome to the story!!!


torsdag 22 januari 2009

Made another card....

for this weeks sketch at 2S4Y...


onsdag 21 januari 2009

More awards...

I've been lucky enough to recieve even more awards from people all over the world and I'm truly really happy about each and every one of them!!!
I got this one from Carin ♥ and Hege-Annie

And from sweet Kristine ♥ and Hege-Annie ♥ (again :) I got this gorgeous award!
And I've also got it from Cathrine ♥ ! Thank you so very much...

And this one I got from Joanne!! ♥

And last but not least I've gotten this award again of Lotta!
THANK YOU so very, very much again!!! ♥♥♥♥

And then there's the part when I should pass these on. It's not an easy thing because there's so many out there which blogs I read and get inspired by each and every day.
So first of all I give all the awards right back to you who gave them to me... And then to all of you who visits my blog! And to all blogs that I visit each day!!!

I'm sorry I'm not more precise in my choices but it just feels impossible!