torsdag 30 april 2009

Guest Designer and Walk of Fame!

A few weeks back I was contacted by Jane at Scrapaddicted where she asked me if I would be a Guest Designer with the Jennie/Easer stamps. I accepted of course since I think the stamps are absolutely wonderful. And I wasn't dissapointed, they are a joy to work with and the inspiration has been on top the last week! I'll show you some of the cards today and some more days to come!


Tomorrow, I'll show you some more cards I made using these stamps ♥ But IF you want to see all of them at once, just pop on over to ScrapAddicted's blog and have a look!

When I was blog hopping a while ago I discovered that I was on the Walk of Fame at StampARTic's blog! Thank you so much ladies, I feel very honoured ♥♥♥ It was with THIS card!

onsdag 29 april 2009

A gorjuss update...

My first card ever using the Gorjuss girls stamps! I have a few of them and will try to use them a little more!
tomorrow there will be a major update in the blog with cards I made for a Guest DT assignment. I don't know if I can tell who it's for yet, so I'll be quiet for a few more hours ;o)

But here's the card for today!



måndag 27 april 2009

Kazan's sketch 25 and farewell...

... this is my last card as a DT-member for 2s4y! I've had a wonderful time during the 3 months it lasted! Laura and Kazan are the sweetest bosses one could have and it's been a pleasure working with them! And the other girls on the team as well of course! A bunch of really, really talanted ladies!!!!!
But I'm going to hang around the 2s4y blog anyway, because the sketches are so fun to work with ♥♥ And I'm so looking forward to see who's getting on the summer DT!!!

This week we were sponsored by Norsk Stempelblad AS with some cool stamps. I used the Boot and a Motorbike stamp and you can find them HERE!


The Back.

söndag 26 april 2009

Oh my God....

This is a blogcandy that is just to die for!!! Debbie is celebrating having over 62000 hits on her blog, and this is what she's giving away! This must be the most generous blogcandy I've ever seen!
So head on over to her blog and have a go you to, and don't miss out to have a look at her gorgeous creations as well!! You can find it HERE!

lördag 25 april 2009

Actually, I have done some things....

but most of them I can't show you yet, since they're for different DT works... But I've made one other than that, that I can show today. This is going with a RAK later this week!

The Inside!

And the back!

torsdag 23 april 2009

The card that was never sent in....

to the competition can I show you today! I've been busy as a bee this week, and I totally forgot to mail my card in time so now I can show it to you...

The challenge was to mask stamps (is that what it's called in english?). This is how the result turned out!

Another blogcandy...

that is just to amazing to resist!!!
Bev over at All the things I love is giving away all of these beauties!!! I would walk over dead bodies for this one ;)

And today is the last day to join in so pop on over to Bev's blog and have a go you to!
And take a look at all the beautiful cards she makes as well!

tisdag 21 april 2009

Sounds of the universe...

Depeche Mode's new album am I listening to right now! I love it although I must admit that I don't think it's their best album! But I've found my favorite songs and I'm pretty sure the record is going to be played A LOT here ;)

Today I've been on education all day in Stockholm and my head is pretty heavy right now, so it's going to be an early night tonight!

And I've been awarded by Hanne, Ida and Lisa, and I will forward them as soon as I have the time to think about who the heck I'm going to give them to!!! But thank you so much ladies, they're very appriciated ♥

Well now I have to finish my last project for 2 sketches 4 you *sad*

måndag 20 april 2009

Laura's sketch 24 and my bonus sketch

Yes, this week it was my turn to make the bonus sketch for 2S4Y! My first thought was that I wasn't going to make it, but I did one, and don't think it was to hard after all... :o) And I made a card as well after it!

This week we were sponsored by Wicked Princesses with beautiful papers, glitter and stamps! And you have a chance to get it yourself if your card become Card of the week this week!

Well, here's my sketch and card (the bonus one)

And here's the card I made after Laura's gorgeous sketch (you can find it here)

And don't forget that there's still time to apply for a DT-spot at 2s4y, and you find the info how to in the blog!!!